Shocking revelations about the political failure of libertarianism – Part II

After rereading Ms. Hymowitz’s very enlightening piece, I decided to add one more remark or two…

Ms. Hymowitz argues that libertarians are utopians thus making it ipso facto unpopular or doomed to fail in the mundane world of American politics.  Libertarians according to Ms Hymowitz are dreamers who dream of a world "liberated from family, from the past, from tradition, from biology, and perhaps even from the earth itself." What?! Please pinch me! Did I just read this or was it just a dream?

First of all, most libertarians are not against the family, do not wish to be liberated from the past and certainly not from tradition! Tradition is very important to libertarians because traditions and customs are fundamental and essential in the generation of rules of conduct and behavior in the society as opposed to government-created rules and laws that have no ground in past traditions and customs.

Now, it’s true some libertarians are utopian but they do not represent a majority. Most libertarians are pretty realistic and do not believe human beings are perfect and a world with less or no government will be perfect. Most libertarians argue that such a world will be LESS imperfect but certainly do not argue it will be PERFECT. That’s the problem here. Trying to argue that we, libertarians, believe in perfection and the possibility of a Aldous Huxley’s Brave New World is total nonsense. What’s utopian is to believe, as Ms. Hymowitz, that a world with government or more government will make the world a better place. Believing that the government is the solution to all our problems, that’s utopian! And those Democrats (who I suspect Ms. Hymowitz might be) who believe that socializing medicine will solve the problem of health care costs and the increasing number of insured, that’s not utopian! Another one, let’s increase minimum wages to $15/hour and poof! the problem of poverty in U.S. will belong to the past! That’s not utopian! Nooo….I can give you hundreds of utopian examples that non-libertarians give us every single freaking day! (after all, this is the main reason newbigprinz and I started this blog)

What’s utopian is to believe that one day every single person on this planet will be more economically educated. It’s to believe that finally every single human being would have learned that there are such economic laws as the law of supply and demand and the law of comparative advantages, incentives matter, and there is no such thing as a free lunch. That, ladies and gentlemen, is utopian! What? I can’t dream now?

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